New update on Atilla’s Honey BYO Jar offer

Honey dipper covered in raw honey

As we all know, last year was a challenging year for Australians especially with the long drought season and unprecedented bushfire in many parts of the continent. 

Farmers and beekeepers are amongst the many people who suffered severely by this devastating weather conditions. For beekeepers, the struggles were not only in losing a significant amount of harvest but also in keeping their bees alive.

To survive, bees collect pollen and nectar from flowering trees and a plentiful amount of water – all of which were in scarcity for the second half of 2019. Many beekeepers had to feed their hives with sugar solutions simply to save their bees from dying.

The survey conducted by Hive+Wellness reported that last year’s weather conditions hit honey production to the all-time low resulting in the rise of honey prices.

Considering the struggle of our beekeepers and the low supply of honey, we are now setting a new price for Atilla’s BYO Jar offer. Starting in April, we are offering to fill up your jars for $1.50/100gr. However, we are keeping our jarred honey at their normal price.

We will keep providing our customers with high-quality honey at an affordable price. The slights increase in our pricing is the result of careful research so we can still accommodate our customers with the best deal, especially in the raw honey market.

Let’s keep repurposing our jars! You are doing more than saving some money – you are saving the environment too.

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Átilla's Raw Honey is a local business based in Brisbane.

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