Atilla’s Raw Honey

Atilla’s bees collect nectar and pollen from the wildflowers in national parks around the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands to bring you high quality raw honey.

Our Products

Atilla’s Honey is committed to bring you unprocessed wildflower honey to your home straight from the hive.

Our Offers

We support the waste-free movement. That’s why we offer special price for customers who bring their own jar. Fill up your old jars with honey for only $1.50/100 grams!

Our Purpose

Help make Atilla’s Honey a social enterprise that gives back to nature and native bees conservation.


Learn more about Australian native bee and trees, food and drink recipes, or ways to reuse your honey packaging.

Upcoming market

Find us at local farmer’s markets in the Brisbane area. You can also purchase Atilla’s Honey by contacting us.

For businesses

Are you a Brisbane-based business looking for a raw honey supplier? Contact us to arrange bulk orders and delivery.

Latest blog

Urban gardening: creating a bee-friendly garden in the city setting

Are bees swarming your garden? That’s a good sign! Bees as natural pollinators play an important role in plants reproduction. If you look closely, when bees are collecting pollen and nectar from a flower, some pollen from the stamens (male reproductive organ of a flower) got stuck onto the bees hair/leg and when they landContinue reading “Urban gardening: creating a bee-friendly garden in the city setting”


We are a Brisbane-based business, providing high quality raw honey for those looking for healthier alternative.

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